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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
CTE Digital Communication11/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Teacher Network Security 2023-2024 (Cyber Operations and Networking)11/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Culinary Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Early Childhood Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Engineering Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Technical Theatre Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Medical Professions Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Digital Photo Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
CTE Marketing Teacher 2023-202411/28/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Math Teacher - Secondary11/28/2022CertifiedCASTEEL HIGH SCHOOLApply
Patterson Noontime Aide-2 hours a day11/28/2022ClassifiedPATTERSON ELEMENTARYApply
Paraeducator Special Education - Classroom Support-3 hours a day11/28/2022ClassifiedPATTERSON ELEMENTARYApply
Food & Nutrition Cafe Associate - 5 Hours - 2 Positions11/28/2022ClassifiedPERRY HIGH SCHOOLApply
Paraeducator General Education - Alternative Classroom11/28/2022ClassifiedSHUMWAY LEADERSHIP ACADEMYApply
Paraeducator Special Education - Classroom Support- Kindergarten11/28/2022ClassifiedSHUMWAY LEADERSHIP ACADEMYApply
Teacher- 5th Grade- ELA11/28/2022CertifiedSHUMWAY LEADERSHIP ACADEMYApply
Noontime Aide11/28/2022ClassifiedCTA INDEPENDENCEApply
Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach11/28/2022CoachingBASHA HIGH SCHOOLApply
Math Specialist - Must have - Math Endorsement / Must reapply for following school year after hiring11/28/2022CertifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Math Specialist K-6 -22-23 School Year11/28/2022CertifiedNAVARRETE ELEMENTARYApply
Assistant High School Football Coach11/28/2022CoachingCASTEEL HIGH SCHOOLApply
Paraeducator General Education Preschool11/28/2022ClassifiedANDERSEN ELEMENTARYApply
Crossing Guard 2:30-3:15pm11/28/2022ClassifiedSHUMWAY LEADERSHIP ACADEMYApply
Paraeducator Special Education - Mild to Moderate Disabilties- CASE- 6.50 hours per day11/28/2022ClassifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Paraeducator Special Education - Classroom Support - 6.0 hours per day11/28/2022ClassifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Noontime Aide - Part Time - 4 hours per day11/28/2022ClassifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Custodian - Part Time - 4 Hours Per day11/28/2022ClassifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
Paraeducator Special Education - Classroom Support - 6.5 hours per day11/28/2022ClassifiedPAYNE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLApply
NETWORK ANALYST11/23/2022ClassifiedPerry Tech CenterApply
Secondary School Counselor 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Elementary School Counselor 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Psychologist Intern 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
School Psychologist 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
School Social Worker 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
History Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Secondary English Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Foreign Language Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Investigative Science Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Physics Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Chemistry Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Biology Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Secondary Math Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Junior High Social Studies Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Junior High English Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Junior High Science Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Junior High Math Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Gifted Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Special Education Preschool Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Special Education Specialized Classroom Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Special Education Resource Teacher 2023-202411/23/2022CertifiedTBDApply